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Mosquito Control In Richmond, VA

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Keeping Your Richmond Lawn Free Of Mosquitoes

Is there any pest more irritating than the pesky mosquito? These tiny flying insects seem to find their way to any outdoor gathering, no matter how big or small, and they can quickly ruin whatever time you were planning to spend outdoors. Additionally, their bites are not only itchy; they can also be dangerous. Mosquitoes spread many dangerous illnesses through their bites, so keeping them off your property is beneficial in more ways than one.

If your Richmond property is home to far more mosquitoes than humans, it’s time to take action. With mosquito control from the local mosquito control experts at Cobalt Pest Control, your yard can become a place where it is safe and pleasant to spend time without the annoyance of dangerous mosquitoes. Although eliminating every mosquito on your property is impossible, we can greatly reduce their populations to manageable levels.

Our Mosquito Control Process


You may think mosquito control is as simple as spraying your Richmond, VA area yard with a product and calling it a day. At Cobalt Pest Control, however, we go beyond the expected in order to provide each customer with the exceptional service you deserve. That means that your service begins with a thorough inspection of your property prior to treatment.

During this inspection, we look at the layout of your property and for conducive conditions, especially areas of standing water. Standing water is required for mosquitoes to breed, so identifying and eliminating these areas is essential in reducing the size of your mosquito problem and keeping it low. Once we’ve completed our inspection, we’ll go over what we found with you and make recommendations about simple steps you can take to help keep the mosquito population low in your yard.


Using a natural, pollinator-safe product, we will treat your property for mosquitoes. Our treatment focuses eliminating adult mosquitoes and eliminating breeding grounds. To do this, we’ll treat your yard, shrubs, 30 feet up trees, and other foliage areas. We’ll also use a larvicide in places where you cannot eliminate standing water.

Our mosquito control treatment provides up to 90% effectiveness against mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other flying insects.


Our mosquito control service is available on a one-time or monthly recurring basis. One-time treatments are ideal for special events, such as outdoor parties, weddings, concerts, and more. Monthly services are your best bet for continual mosquito control throughout the season. In addition, we warranty our monthly treatments. If you need a booster treatment between regularly scheduled services, we’ll perform it free of charge.

Enjoy Your Yard Again

Mosquitoes are good at driving people indoors, but if you have a lot of mosquitoes in your Richmond yard, you don’t have to let them dictate where you spend your time anymore. With Cobalt Pest Control’s mosquito control services, your yard can become largely mosquito-free, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors again. Contact us today to get started, or to learn more about our Richmond, VA home pest solutions.