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What Are Some Natural Smells That Help Deter Bed Bugs In Richmond

January 15, 2022 - Bed Bugs

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Busy cities like Richmond and the surrounding areas are more at risk for bed bug infestations than ever before. As more and more home and business owners move to the area, more pests will move nearby. This includes the blood-feeding bed bug, one of the most notorious parasitic insects in the state.

Bed bug prevention can prove to be nearly impossible from a do-it-yourself (DIY) standpoint, and their proper removal goes hand in hand with professional pest control. However, this hasn't stopped many homeowners from turning to essential oils and other natural scents to keep various pests away, including the humble bed bug.

To test this theory, the USDA conducted a study to test the effectiveness of specific essential oils on bed bug populations. Although their testing procedures are young and may require additional research, some evidence suggests that strong smells may send bed bugs away from the home.

Discover the results of the USDA scent study in the section below. 

The Results Of The USDA Scent Study

The USDA scent study test was designed to test the effectiveness of specific essential oils on adult bed bugs. Although the changes in behavior were difficult to detect, some aversions were found and recorded. They included:

  • Blood orange oil 
  • Paraffin oil 
  • Silicone oil 
  • Spearmint oil 

Further research will be needed to detect other scents, their effects, and the carrier fluids used to spread the essential oils. Until such time, research suggests that strong scents and certain essential oils may have the capacity to mitigate bed bug activities.

Other Tried And True Methods To Control Bed Bugs

Essential oils or other strong smells can mitigate bed bug problems before they arise. However, they're not the only ways to prevent infestations from breaking out. Check out these other tried and true methods to control bed bug populations near your Richmond home:

  1. Bed bugs despise extreme temperatures. Dry all your clothing on the highest heat setting after returning from a trip. If this is not possible, consider putting your clothes in the freezer to treat potentially contaminated items. 
  2. Be careful about purchasing secondhand appliances and furniture, checking all items for signs of infestation. 
  3. Check your overnight lodgings for bed bug signs and change rooms if any issues are detected. 

For more helpful tips, reach out to Cobalt Pest Control right away.

Cobalt Pest Control Is Ready To Exterminate Your Bed Bug Problem

Despite your best efforts, it may still be possible to pick up a bed bug problem in or around your home. Because of the frequency with which bed bugs break into households, coupled with relatively fast reproduction rates, prevention alone isn't always the best mitigation tactic.

Instead of hoping for bugs to 'go away,' get professional bed bug management from the pros behind Cobalt Pest Control. We offer one of the safest, cleanest, and most cost-effective ways to eliminate infestations – guaranteed! Contact the bed bug experts at our Richmond office to learn more about our bed bug control and home pest control treatment options

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