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Help! There Are Yellow Jackets On My Richmond Property

September 15, 2022 - Wasps

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Pests that can fly and sting are some of the most feared, and for a good reason. Yellow jackets are, unfortunately, a common stinging insect in Richmond. However, with some knowledge, Richmond residents can learn how to keep these pests at bay.

How To Identify A Yellow Jacket

There are dozens of different types of yellow jackets, which are considered predatory wasps. Richmond's most common yellow jacket is the Eastern yellow jacket, one of the more aggressive stinging insects in the mid-Atlantic. 

Yellow jackets are yellow and black and can grow up to an inch in length. They are identifiable by their narrow waists, stingers, and long legs. Yellow jackets live within colonies of thousands of workers controlled by a single yellow jacket queen. They prefer to build their nests in the ground or crevices, such as attics and eaves. Their nests appear paper-like as they are built from chewed plant material. Yellow jackets eat smaller insects and sweets, like nectar and human foods. They are most active during the late summer and early autumn months.

Getting Rid Of Yellow Jackets Yourself

If you see a yellow jacket or a yellow jacket hive on your property, it is best to leave it alone. Yellow jacket removal should always be done by a professional, as yellow jackets are extremely territorial and aggressive insects. Unlike bees, yellow jackets have smooth stingers capable of repeatedly stinging without harming themselves. Additionally, yellow jackets have a propensity for swarming when attacking a perceived threat. Each year, yellow jackets send thousands to the emergency room with allergic reactions to their stings. 

Don't Accidentally Attract Yellow Jackets

Yellow jacket control should always begin with prevention. Below are several easy yellow jacket prevention tips for Richmond residents:

  • Remove garbage frequently
  • Maintain insect screens on doors and windows
  • Keep lawn vegetation trimmed back away from the house
  • Do not leave food exposed
  • Avoid standing water around the home
  • Clear up other insect infestations as soon as possible

These tips are simple ways homeowners can defend themselves against yellow jackets before an infestation begins.

Professional Help To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets For Good

If you see yellow jackets around your Richmond property, reach out to an expert immediately. Pest control in Richmond is in good hands with Cobalt Pest Control. We know that no two houses are the same, so we tailor our treatments to your home. At Cobalt Pest Control, we perform thorough inspections, personalized treatments, and quality follow up to ensure you and your property are well taken care of. Reach out to Cobalt Pest Control today for a free inspection and priceless peace of mind.